“Featuring Bolivian specialties such as Chicharron, Ceviche, Humintas, La Finca also offers an array of dishes that would appeal to the lover of a good hearty American cuisine.

Of course, we all sampled the Saltenas, which some of our friends agreed, were amongst the best they ever had eaten outside of Bolivia. The Saltena, which is an individual meat pie with variations of chicken or beef with potatoes, peas, hard boiled eggs and olives, is “the gold standard” in evaluating the quality of Bolivian Cuisine. If the Saltena is good, everything else will be of a superior quality.”

La Finca Restaurant, a Bolivian Culinary Adventure in Orange County

If you are looking for the best Bolivian Saltena in the most unlikely place, you’ll find yourself at La Finca in the town of Orange, Virginia. Indeed, La Finca is a Bolivian South American fusion restaurant with a modern American Twist.